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Summer Dresses 3 - The Raglan Sleeve Dress aka The 45-minute Nightdress Lots of freebies in this post,. Raglan. sleeves are quite different from regular sleeves but.

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Sewing Pattern Dress Jona is a baggy style dress with raglan sleeves and elastic waist and neckline.

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Some readers have asked how to make the alteration to a raglan sleeve that needs more cap height. Raglan Sleeve Cap Height Alteration Tutorial.To download the pattern, subscribe to the Melly Sews Weekly Newsletter.

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Nach dem lila Eulen-Shirt gab es ein weiteres Jersey-Teil mit Stehkragen.

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I made her a sequined raglan tunic top several weeks back and.

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If you need some referense for that topic, may be this post can help you.I just spent all weekend unsuccessfuly looking for a Raglan Tee tutorial and then.

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