Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects many West Virginians.

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Asthma is a chronic condition that can be managed but not cured.This tool is designed to help asthma patients and their healthcare practitioners improve treatment adherence and control the potentially life.Millions of teens in the United States have asthma, a lung condition that causes difficulty breathing.The fundamental causes of asthma are not completely understood.The airways are the tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs.

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COMMON ASTHMA MEDICATIONS QUICK RELIEF MEDICINE Use to stop an asthma attack Medication Name (s) Possible Side Effects Short Acting Bronchodilators (Inhaled).

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Find great deals on eBay for asthma inhaler portable nebulizer.Patients with inadequately controlled, severe persistent asthma are at risk for exacerbations, hospitalization, and death and often have impaired quality of life.

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Asthma and allergies often occur together, because there is a strong connection between these two conditions.Swelling in the walls of the air tubes causes constriction or makes the airway.Asthma is an inflammatory disease and not simply a result of excessive smooth muscle contraction.

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Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the airways which results in hyperresponsive airways with episodic, reversible airway narrowing.

An asthma action plan is a one-page guide that your doctor, nurse or asthma educator completes for you or your child. Patient Education Materials: Clinical Tools.

If your asthma has just been diagnosed, you may be started on a regimen of medications and monitoring.

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Asthma is typically diagnosed with a medical exam and a test that measures the airflow in and out of the lungs.

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There are two types of asthma: allergic (caused by exposure to an allergen) and nonallergic (caused by stress,.The vast majority of us take our breathing for granted and do not.Asthma causes the walls of the larger air tubes to swell, also called inflammation.

Your airways are tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs.

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Asthma is a condition brought on by certain triggers, such as smoke and mold, that causes a person to have difficulty breathing.The strongest risk factors for developing asthma are a combination of genetic predisposition with.

We work with health care professionals and public health officials around the globe to reduce asthma prevalence, morbidity, and mortality.

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